HIS activated charcoal  facial mask for men
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HIS activated charcoal facial mask for men

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Mens skin care is just as important as womens. This mask will help draw out those impurities from skin and is also great for those prone to blackheads. All you need to do is mix 1 tsp of the mask with 1 Tsp of water or olive oil and add more liquid if required. Apply a thin layer to face and neck and then wash off after 15 minutes, this is best done in shower as activated charcoal can be quite messy. This is a 30 g packet and can do 2 x applications.

Containing the following ingredients:
Bentonite Clay: Absorbs toxins, draws out dirt, clears pores, excellent natural exfoliation
Sodium bicarbonate: Mild antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, opens pores, helps heal scars, reduces acne, eliminates black heads, smooths skin
Activated Charcoal: Clears pores, improves skin tone, draws out dirt, shrinks pores, deep cleans, gentle exfoliation, balances oil, tightens skin and detoxifies.